I bought my first camera in 1976 while serving in the Navy. From that day on, the camera has been a very important part of my everyday life. I quickly discovered that the camera was more than a tool. It became an instrument that caused me to look at everything around me in a different light. Even if the camera was not up to my eye, I found an awareness of my surroundings that did not exist if my camera was left at home.

After my first Wedding for a friend many years ago, I discovered a place where I could follow the happiest couple in the world around and take pictures of them on one of their most important days. I can honestly say that during the many hours of shooting Bride's and the people that gather around her on her wedding day, I have never had anything other than great experiences. I can't help but feel part of the overwhelming joy that is present on that day.

I have also included a few samples of some of my other work. Please take a moment to look at and enjoy some of the photograph's I have taken over the years.

Thank You
David Palmer

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